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Neutral Snap is an up-and-coming 4-piece Pop Punk band from New
Orleans. The fusion of music styles & songwriting influences belonging
to J.P. Brown (guitar), Joshua Latham (vocals), Dominick Conforte
(bass), & Ray-Ray Boudreaux (drums) is on full display at all times,
featuring catchy melodies alongside ruthless breakdowns.
Neutral Snap stormed onto the scene in December 2018 with the release of "Yellow Suitcase," the first of three singles to come from their debut album. "Yellow Suitcase" would go on to garner significant
attention and positive reviews within the industry, and currently
boasts 1.2 million streams on Spotify. In January 2020, Neutral Snap
released their debut album, Sorry I Passed Out through Orange Music
Records of New Orleans. The album features saucy hits such as
"Butterscotch" and "Westin House." Later that month, the group released a music video for "Butterscotch" and announced the 22-date Sorry, I Passed Out Tour.
The band hasn’t slowed down yet. They self-released their sophomore
album, “Tell Me How I Feel” in 2021 and have since been touring
consistently across the southeastern United States, performing
everywhere from intimate clubs to crowds of thousands. The hallmarks of Neutral Snap are their high energy shows, music reminiscent of the mid-2000s punk and emo boom, and fiercely independent attitude.
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